Beach Ball
Some attributes
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated Not Participating
Place Not Participating
Allies Bowling Ball, Coffee Bean
Other attributes
Species Beach ball
Color Multiple color

Former Beach Ball


Current Beach Ball

Beach Ball

Beach Ball

Beach Ball Idle
Beach Ball Idle

R.I.P beach ball. ????-2013.

In memory of beach ball


Beach ball is the outsider. He dosen't have a lot of screen time, especially since he's a GHOST! Well, kinda.


Beach ball was seen in the episode 1-5 intro where he appeares being squished. He just idled in episode 1 and that's it for ep1. ._. In episode 2, he said to bowling ball, "what are you going to name it?" It is the tree. Bowling ball named it swimmy and then beach ball said hi swimmy. He wasn't seen in episode 3. In episode 4, he was at work in a game, where you shoot darts. Pear was playing, and SUDDENLY, the dart changed directions, and hit beach ball, which causes him to die. Unless the darts are extremly lightweight, the wind must've caused it. In episode 6, he is mentioned by that stupid ketchup. He says pear was probably responsible for beach ball's death. If beach ball didn't die, mr.Lion wouldn't be here. At the end of episode 6, bowling ball's team or the tt clefs are up for voting. Beach ball says it's ok, and freaks bowling ball out.At the end of ep 7, he says to coffee bean that he stole his personallity. BTW in episode 6-7-8, he appeared as a ghost.