Carrot Talking

Carrot Talking

This page is about a character that is good for your eyesight if eaten.

-User: Object show characters are not for eating, stupid!!


Carrot is one of those characters that you love or hate, along with Mr. Lion. I do admit that Carrot needs more screen time, but that will change in episode 8. Anyway, Carrot is sort of friends with Bowling Ball. He also does not like Mr. Lion at all, but since Mr. Lion was eliminated early, this wasn't able to be shown... yet. His voice is kind of strange, and most objects hate this! They don't even let him sing. Yeah, like that your looking at the image.



As stated b4, Carrot doesn't get very much screen time... His first line was in episode 5! This is when his weird voice is discovered. In episode 6, he talks a bit again, but then gets yelled at by Gumdrop. In episode 7, he tries to sing, but as usual, gets stopped. Everybody boos at him. In episode 8,Carrot gets more screen time, and you see his true colors of orange and green shine. In the same episode, he is eliminated with 48 votes.