In my opinion, the alternate dimensions are interesting topics, and add more mystery and plot twists to the show.

There are 4 known ones. But there could be so many other dimensions. Maybe a snow dimension? A darker looking dimension? It's all up to the creator...

Dimension Lists Edit

Normal Dimension - Where all the objects come from and compete.

Polygon Dimension - Where everything is made to look like polygon collages. According to envelope, it's "gross"

Rust Dimension - Where Mustard was found first. This dimension makes everything look rusty except for having a clear pink yellow background. Judging by the way mustard looks, he does get the rusty side effect, which probably means he was from the original dimension.

Brown Dimension - Where Guava and Beach Ball originate. In this dimension, normal dimension objects turn light brown.

Traveling & Side Effects Edit

  • Every person can only travel if they have their own remote, only one thing can teleport at a time. Occasionally, multiple people can teleport at a time as well.
  • You can teleport as many people in or out of the normal and brown dimensions.
  • Only 2 or 3 people can teleport into or out of the polygon dimension
  • Only 1 person can teleport into the Rust Dimension.
  • Teleporting into the Polygon dimension will make you look like a collage of polygons
  • Teleporting into the Rust dimension will make you look old and rusty
  • Teleporting into the Brown dimension will make you look light-brown colored
  • A brown dimension object teleporting to the normal dimension will give you a zombie like look