Gumdrop is a female contestant competing in the object show, Through the Woods

Some attributes
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated Episode 9
Place 11th
Allies Unknown
Enemies Cupcake, Bowling Ball
Other attributes
Species Pink Gumdrop
Color Pink, Slightly Transparent


She first was seen in Episode 1, but first talked in Episode 5. She was one of the original 6 to be in the contest, until the others joined in. She was seen acting cute until Airhorn made her all mad. In episode 6, she is seen yelling at Carrot because of his ugly voice. In episode 7, she gets her own song! It is about how she knows that she won't be eliminated. Mhm. I went there. Other than those times, she never has had a major role yet. Her body is transparent. Speaking of which, I don't know if she has parents. I don't think ANY object have parents. And she should totally be a singer

Getting eliminatedEdit

According to the Episode 9 clip posted by ClumsyCaterpillar, Gumdrop has been eliminated.

Gumdrop Pose

A new Gumdrop Pose

She is the first female to be out in the game.