Marker Smile

marker is male


Marker has a kind personality, with a teensy weensy bit of nerdiness in him. He is interested in marketing alot, and he even has his own shop: Marker-Mart. Marker always has what his fellow team-members need at the right time. For example, he had another parallel universe teleportation device when Bowling Ball was stuck there in Episode 3. How did he know that Bowling Ball was trapped? Idk. And for a kind guy, he sweared in Episode 8 in Life-Mart saying, "Why the f*ck did you copy my business?!?" becoming the first one ever to use adult language in TTW.


Marker was introduced to the show in Episode 3, when he saves Bowling Ball. He is kind of chill until Episode 7, when he opens his shop! He sings a song with Bowling Ball and Cupcake about how his dreams are coming true and how Bowling Ball needs medicine. 

Episode 9Edit

Marker will get the most likes, currently at 93.


  • At the moment, Marker is clearly the most popular member of The Transparent Treble Clefs due to his unexpected swear and his big chance of winning the price in Episode 9.
  • Marker is the only person to swear on Through the woods
  • marker is the owner of marker mart
  • markers opposite is life ring
  • There is a another character named Marker on Battle for dream island,however Marker from BFDI could join,but didnt enough to recive votes and fling to LOL
  • Marker resembles Pen from BFDI