There are currently three teams in Through The Woods.

The Transparent Treble ClefsEdit

This bunch of objects is currently known for their musical talents. Just kidding! This team consists of Mr. Lion, Bowling Ball, Gumdrop, Ice Cream, Marker, and Carrot. Mr. Lion is the leader of the team but usually Gumdrop takes over. Oddly they won the singing challenge in Episode 5, and their name is the the Treble Clefs... Hmmm... That was unintentional. Oh, well.  The team consists of a tiny derpy leader who replaced the main leader, the non object leader, a terrible singer, a sport ball, sumting yummy, and a cool, shop owning school related thing.

The Photocopied Pieces of PopcornEdit

This team only has one member, which is Trash Can. Of course he is the leader. I mean, why wouldn't he be. Anyway, the reason he is alone is because he valunteered to be alone. That was a really bad idea. That means if he loses a contest, he is automatically eliminated. Well, unless nobody votes. That would be the first time an object show ever got 0 votes. I think. LOL that would be funny. Jk.  Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, 2 people debut on to his team.

The Whimsical Washing MachinesEdit

The Washing Machines is probobly the worst team name ever. But it fits the worst team ever. It consists of a lousy leader, two Cupcake-haters, a lazy cup, a weak dessert, and follow-lemon-around-and-hope-i-get-popular freak. Umm, yeah. No wonder they lost the first challenge ever.